First impressions matter, and real estate is no exception. This is why today as we continue our discussion about the six most profitable selling tips, we will be talking about the importance of curb appeal.

If a buyer doesn’t like what they see when driving by your listing, they will instantly dismiss it. You have probably heard time and time again how important it is to paint your front door, spruce up your landscaping, and put fresh mulch down, but while these things are certainly important, there are other external factors that can impact your listing’s success.

“When it comes to curb appeal, small touches will make a big difference.”

Some of these things have nothing to do with your property itself. If a buyer touring your home finds themselves trying to tune out your neighbor’s barking dog, for example, the showing is unlikely to go well. It is important to try to get this sort of thing under control before buyers set foot in your property. If your neighbor’s dog cannot seem to keep quiet, consider politely asking your neighbors to put their pet inside during showings.

Taking steps to go above and beyond like this will set you up for selling success. Another way to ramp up your curb appeal is to stripe your yard when you mow. When it comes to curb appeal, small touches will make a big difference.

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